Water Feature Outdoor Fountain Indoor Fountain Fountain With Led Lights Set Kit

Water Feature Outdoor Fountain Indoor Fountain Fountain With Led Lights Set Kit
Water Feature Outdoor Fountain Indoor Fountain Fountain With Led Lights Set Kit
Water Feature Outdoor Fountain Indoor Fountain Fountain With Led Lights Set Kit
Water Feature Outdoor Fountain Indoor Fountain Fountain With Led Lights Set Kit

Water Feature Outdoor Fountain Indoor Fountain Fountain With Led Lights Set Kit

To find more interesting products. We distribute products from A to Z on the Internet. As we work more cost-effective than the sales in the traditional retail, we can deliver quality products at a good price. Our sales department will be happy to answer your questions.

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Workshop and Spare parts service. Solar - Gartenbrunnen & Wasserspiel. Ready-to-plug-in solar pump system - ready for immediate use. 2 year guarantee, service life over 60,000 operating hours. Day and night operation through solar and battery operation (optional, only after selection). With LED light for night operation (optional, only after selection). For the garden , the balcony or the terrace. High-quality solar panel in a stable, break-proof ALU FRAME with an output of 3 watts (optional, only after selection). No additional electricity is used - operation without follow-up costs.

There is no need to lay 230V cables in the garden. Integrated filter protects the pump (can be cleaned easily).

Beautiful design - the perfect eye-catcher! The adjustable angle of the solar module and a 5 meter connection cable make it possible to optimally position the panel in the sunny area. Guarantee only applies to the pond pump, not to the solar panel or the cables. The garden fountains are for converting the power of the sun into flowing water.

High-quality components set the water in motion as soon as the sunlight reaches the solar surface. The stronger the sun, the more intense the water feature becomes!

The calming rush of the water gives every pond a special touch and the water that sparkles in the sunlight is always the perfect eye-catcher. Running water makes your garden even more comfortable and ensures a pleasant microclimate on hot summer days. Day and night operation (optional, only after selection). The solar pump installed in the well is not only for operation in solar radiation designed like conventional solar fountains. This # article_text_sale_name # has a battery.

A battery is built into the solar panel, which the pump charges when the sun shines in order to keep the solar water feature running even after sunset or in poor lighting conditions. The pump automatically switches to solar mode the next day when the sun is shining. The battery function can also be switched off. Simply place this solar fountain anywhere in your garden. Thanks to the simple plug-in principle and the solar panel, it can be set up quickly.

Another advantage is that you are not tied to a socket and the annoying laying of the 230V cable is no longer necessary. You can also position the solar system effectively according to your taste. The use of the solar panel is also a safe alternative to the 230V socket. In addition, you save yourself the hassle of cables damaged by rodents and the resulting power outages.

Please note that the solar panel must always be placed and aligned in full sunlight, otherwise the pump function cannot be guaranteed. Product information about the Li-Ion battery: (optional, only after selection).

The innovative Li-Ion batteries have no memory effect. This is extremely important, especially with frequent charging and discharging processes such as solar pond pumps, in order to achieve the optimal battery capacity in the long term. The Li-Ion batteries are much better with regard to temperature fluctuations than conventional batteries. You can expect a longer-lasting and livelier water feature.

The function of the solar fountain starts with minimal charging - automatically! As a protection against deep discharge , there is an automatic switch-off when the minimum discharge level is reached.

Overall, the Li-Ion batteries have a runtime that is 3 times longer and up to 10 times longer than conventional batteries Service life when operated with solar pond pumps! Legal notice: Our products are individually colored by hand, color deviations can therefore not be avoided. Furthermore, due to the lighting conditions in product photography and different screen settings, it may happen that the color of the product is not reproduced authentically and is therefore not a reason for complaint. LOVE FLAMES with led lights. LED ring with 4 lights in white.

Voltage / current: 5V / 400mA. Solar Garden's Fountain "LOVER'S FLAMES". Solar pump 0.7 watt. Operating instructions (German / English). Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 101 cm.

LED ring with 4 lights in cold white. Brushless pump with a life expectancy of over 60,000 hours. Maximum funding amount: 80 cm.

Voltage / current: 9V / 400mA. Dimensions: 130 x 170 x 20 mm. 3 LED lights in cold white. PARADISO DELLE RANE con luci a led. Ambient temperature: 0 ° C - 35 ° C. L 35cm / W 35cm / H 23cm.

2 suction feet on the underside. >>> HERE YOU CAN FIND OUR FOUNTAIN! Quantity per hour 180l/h until 500l/h. Solar panel with a Power of 1,3 until 5 Watt.

Wonderful water features for your garden, your home, your balcony or everywhere! We regularly check the product quality of our suppliers and guarantee the best quality and durability for long enjoyment of our products. For used goods, this is reduced to 12 months.

If we provide a further guarantee, this is listed in the item description. For used goods this can be ruled out. Write to us and we will solve the problem together! So you is more helpful and us too! We strive constantly to improve the quality and service. Let us deal fairly with each other!

If in doubt, unpack the goods immediately and check this. You will receive an invoice with VAT. Our Conditions, Cancellation and return rights, can be found on our -site. Or below on the supply side.

E-WASTE, BATTERY LEGISLATION, PACKAGING DISPOSAL. The instructions can be found in our Shop.
Water Feature Outdoor Fountain Indoor Fountain Fountain With Led Lights Set Kit

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